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A meeting point between worlds, people and times. From its seat, between the Katamon and Katamonim neighborhoods, the cafe preserves the neighborhood atmosphere and the mood that characterized the area in the 1950s.
The old stone structure, formerly used by Grandma Zariffa and Grandpa Salah for selling ice, brings together old residents, new immigrants, and occasional guests - and offers everyone a menu that combines traditional local touches with new and surprising flavors.
Occasionally, we open our beautiful garden to events and music appearances and remember the old tunes that once filled the air...

Granny granny - 

We invite you to come and visit us

Zarifa Cafe

Zariffa Cafe is located in a Jerusalem stone house at the Katamon neighborhood. We are a neighborhood cafe called after our Grandma Zarifa. The space is decorated in a unique and modern atmosphere and soothes a relaxing atmosphere with a well maintained and quiet courtyard and a rich and varied home menu. On the menu you will find surprising and unconventional dishes, such as: traditional Kurdish pastry in various fillings, quiches, filo flowers, oven baked goods, various sandwiches and croissants, a variety of fresh salads, natural juices and alcohol. Alongside the cafe is a bakery that includes home baking, including cakes, cookies, breads, spreads, cheeses, wine and, of course, Grandma Zerifa's special "cookies".

The confectionery

Next to the cafe's menu is a pastry shop that offers a wide range of breads, pastries, cakes and cookies. All confectionery products feature high quality ingredients, fresh and aesthetic. The confectionery also specializes in gluten-free products (less than 20 PPM) and baked goods designed for those with sensitivities and allergens (sugar, lactose, sesame, etc.). In addition, customers have a large selection of fresh whole wheat breads, spelled flour, flax, nuts, grains and more.

The deli

The Zarifa deli offers a wide range of high quality, carefully selected and periodically renewed products. Amongst the delicacies you can buy excellent extra virgin olive oil from boutique fabric houses, home-made jams in various and varied flavors, dips, handmade pastas, sauces, quiche, cada, lasagna and more. In addition, premium local boutique wines are sold.

Events and performances

The Zarifa Cafe aims to encourage local art by providing a stage for beginning musicians who seek exposure and, at the same time, provide entertainment for our customers and neighbours. Thus, periodically, intimate performances take place in the Jerusalem courtyard of the cafe or in the inner room for the enjoyment of all participants.
You can also book the place for private events (up to 50 people).

For details please call 050-6300909

Collaboration and social action

Zarifa Cafe is an integral part of the local landscape, and works to improve the quality of life of the residents of the neighborhood and the city in active cooperation with Jerusalem institutions, such as: The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, "Ilanot" School, "Doña" School, the Rehabilitation Center Youth, Alternative Book Week, "Train," reading stations and more.

For details please call 050-6300909

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