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A meeting point between worlds, people and times. From its location, between the Katamon and Katamonim neighborhoods, the cafe preserves the neighborhood atmosphere and patience that characterized the area in the 1950s. The old stone structure, formerly used by Grandma Zarifa and Grandpa Saleh for ice cream, brings together the old residents, new immigrants and casual guests - And offers everyone a menu that combines traditional local touches with new and surprising flavors. Occasionally, when resting on Meirav and Natalie the Wind, one can also enjoy guest performances by musicians, who breathe life into melodies that have previously emanated from the homes of the area’s residents.

"Bringing Culture to the Neighborhood" Festival
13.08 - 17.09

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"Hasharabiya Shel Salah"
A Soul Refreshing Station

Our secret bar, behind the "Zariffa" cafe.
A place of meeting, acquaintance, neighborliness and mutual guarantee.

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