Zariffa Cafe

In a bustling city, nestled between the Katamon neighborhood and Katamonim, there exists a magical café—a meeting point where worlds, people, and times converge. This enchanting place holds within it the essence of the past, preserving the neighborhood's unique atmosphere and the spirit that permeated the area during the vibrant 1950s.
The café itself is housed in an ancient stone structure, weathered by time yet brimming with stories. Long ago, it served as the hub for Grandma Zirifa and Grandpa Salach, who diligently peddled ice to quench the thirst of locals. The very same walls now stand as witnesses to the mingling of old residents, newcomers to the area, and occasional visitors who stumble upon this hidden gem.
Step inside, and you'll discover a culinary haven where flavors intertwine, bridging tradition with innovation. The menu offered to all who enter is a testament to the café's commitment to preserving the authentic local tastes while incorporating new and exciting elements that tantalize the palate. But there's more to this café than just its delectable fare. Every so often, when the breeze whispers a harmonious tune, Mirav and Natalie, the café's owners, seize the opportunity to delight their patrons with the enchanting melodies of guest musicians. As the melodies fill the air, the notes reverberate with a shared history, born from the very homes of those who call this area home. In this extraordinary place, where worlds collide, people connect, and time seems to intertwine, every visit to the café becomes a journey into the heart of a community that cherishes its past while embracing the possibilities of the present and future.

The "Making Life" Festival

The "Making Life" summer festival in Zariffa began in 2020 and has since become a neighborhood tradition. The festival takes place during the summer months and features weekly performances, lectures, and cultural evenings. Its purpose is to strengthen the connection between the neighborhood residents and the diverse human mosaic of Jerusalem, all while bringing joy and doing good.
The festival takes place in our beautiful courtyard, accompanied by a constant gentle Jerusalem breeze. It was designed with the thought that even those who don't purchase tickets can still hear and enjoy the performances from outside the café - from the adjacent Arabesque bar, the balconies of surrounding homes, or simply from the bench across the street. As the tradition takes root, each year brings more and more artists in a wide variety of styles and flavors. In recent years, we have hosted artists such as Micha Shitrit, Moshe Lahav, Erez Lev-Ari, Yatziv Kherut, and more. In the summer of 2023, the festival will host, among others, Arik Sinai, Shimi Tavori, Dana Berger, and others.
הפסטיבל עתיד להתקיים בשנתו הרביעית החל מחודש יוני 2024 נא התעדכנו בקרוב לפרטים נוספים.

We invite you to come and visit us

The confectionery

Next to the cafe's menu is a pastry shop that offers a wide range of breads, pastries, cakes and cookies. All confectionery products feature high quality ingredients, fresh and aesthetic. The confectionery also specializes in gluten-free products (less than 20 PPM) and baked goods designed for those with sensitivities and allergens (sugar, lactose, sesame, etc.). In addition, customers have a large selection of fresh whole wheat breads, spelled flour, flax, nuts, grains and more.

The deli

The Zariffa Deli offers a wide range of high-quality, carefully selected, and periodically renewed products. Amongst the delicacies, you can buy excellent extra virgin olive oil from boutique wineries, homemade jams in various and varied flavors, dips, handmade pasta, sauces, quiche, Kade, lasagna, and more. In addition, premium local boutique wines are sold.

Zariffa's Gallery

Once upon a time, during a pandemic, Zariffa's gallery emerged—a testament to resilient dreams awaiting their moment. We yearned to share the unique treasures we discovered, making the gallery a labor of love. Each week, we embarked on thrilling journeys, unearthing extraordinary pieces. Our ever-changing collection blended beauty and functionality, showcasing renowned brands like Ginger, HaPolania, Pizzic, Floralis, and more. We also celebrated local artists through rotating exhibitions, infusing their perspectives with carefully selected merchandise. Visitors entered a world of possibilities, finding joy in gifts and items for any budget. With stories to share and guidance to offer, we invited them to experience the enchantment and let the gallery's allure inspire their own appreciation and wonder. Step into our haven where dreams come to life, and let the magic within captivate your heart.

Collaboration and social action

Zariffa Cafe is an integral part of the local landscape, and works to improve the quality of life of the residents of the neighborhood and the city in active cooperation with Jerusalem institutions, such as: The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, "Ilanot" School, "Doña" School, the Rehabilitation Center Youth, Alternative Book Week, "Train," reading stations and more.

For details please call 050-6300909

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